Everything we learned from The Boys season 2 panel at SDCC 2020

Missed The Boys' Comic-Con 2020 panel? Or do you just want to relive its most diabolical moments? Either way, we've got you covered with our recap of all the major new info about The Boys season 2, a big announcement, plus one incredible aqua-themed action sequence that has to be seen to be believed. You're about to have a whale of a time.

The Boys Comic-Con 2020 panel: showrunner Eric Kripke ups the ante

So, how will The Boys season 2 attempt to go one better than its fantastic first season? "Everyone is pushed to the limits in season 2," showrunner Eric Kripke teased of the upcoming return. "We tried to make it more intense, crazier, more emotional, and with higher stakes."

It's even getting political up in here, as Kripke said, "We made it more edgy. We're going after white supremacy in season 2. White nationalism in season 2. We're going after systemic racism in season 2, and all of those things really effing suck"

The Boys Comic-Con 2020 panel: the new footage is WILD

The Boys are on the run by the time season 2 rolls around. There's even a rather fishy roadblock in their way in the form of The Deep (Chace Crawford) and a whale tracking down the group who are making their escape via speedboat.

Billy Butcher's solution is simple but effective: drive through the whale. The result is a beached whale pouring gallons of blood out of its inside.

Incredibly, Butcher's actor Karl Urban drove the boat while filming, while they actually created a prosthetic 40-foot whale to use for that grisly scene. 

"We actually end up inside the whale," Urban said. "It was a pretty surreal experience; pretty hot and stinky in the Canadian summer."

The Boys Comic-Con 2020 panel: Butcher versus Homelander

How's Billy Butcher coping with The Boys season 1 ending? After all, he found his missing wife, once presumed dead, potentially playing happy families with Homelander and a child in tow.

"Season 2 really becomes about saving her," Urban revealed. "How far is Butcher willing to sacrifice? It's particularly pertinent coming off season 1 where Butcher would turn his back on the boys... there's a certain evolution for Butcher in season 2 where he has some tough choices to make."

We also got a glimpse at fresh partnerships this year, with Billy Butcher and Starlight potentially teaming up also being floated by Urban.

The Boys Comic-Con 2020 panel: A-Train clashes with Starlight in season 2

"Physically, A-Train is in bad shape," Jessie T. Usher said of his character's post-heart attack status. That's putting it mildly. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's made him seen the light after his recent drug troubles.

"It's unfortunate he takes it out on people the way that he does... he wants something that feels like it's his safe haven."

Starlight actor Erin Moriarty also hinted heavily that her character will be blackmailing A-Train over his Compound V addiction in season 2. Usher, though, was reluctant to say exactly what direction his character goes in and who he confronts...

The Boys Comic-Con 2020 panel: we're getting season 3!

Executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg showed up to announce that The Boys would be back. Again. The Amazon Prime Video series has been renewed for a third season: "If you like The Boys, you've got more of it. Thank God!"

“When can we film season 3?” Rogen pondered. “Anyone’s guess. Hopefully sometime this decade!”

Aisha Tyler will also be hosting an after-show after each and every episode. For more on Comic-Con, check out our roundup of everything you should be watching @ home.

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