Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's fifth patch fixes some progression-halting bugs and another unbeatable boss

Star Wars
(Image credit: Twitter, Daily_SWGames / Respawn)

A new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch is here for PC, marking the fifth significant patch since the game's launch last month.

The console versions of the patch aren't available right now, but developer Respawn says some of the fixes listed in the new patch will be available in the next PS5 and Xbox Series X update, which is apparently coming soon.

Chiefly, this patch fixes another unbeatable boss. Drya Thornne is the culprit this time, and this new patch fixes an issue where the boss would become invincible, which is exactly what happened with Rayvis in the fourth patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

This will also sound familiar to players: there are more performance and stability improvements. The PC version of Jedi: Survivor didn't launch in a great state, and Respawn has been working to fix and improve the port ever since, with this patch bearing the fruits of their latest efforts.

Additionally, there's a fix for a progression-breaking bug in New Game Plus. In the early hours of Respawn's sequel, Bode is meant to grab the Senator, but apparently there's an issue where he just... doesn't do that for some reason, stopping players from continuing their follow-up playthrough.

Otherwise, it's pretty much business as usual with this patch. There's a slate of bug fixes and technical mishaps, plenty of which we can probably expect on consoles. As ever, Respawn pledges further patches will be coming for all versions of the troubled sequel. 

Despite technical issues, Jedi: Survivor is fundamentally a great game – check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review for more. 

Hirun Cryer

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