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Spider-Man top five contenders


Spider-Man may be a masked superhero, but he still needs a face for when he’s that Peter Parker chap – and Sony are really taking their time in deciding whose face that will be.

Their Spider-Man reboot was announced at the beginning of this year, and since then a Captain America-style rumour campaign has seized control of the internet.

Now, though, we have Sony’s list of top five contenders for the role (thanks to Deadline ). The studio reportedly spent Friday going through all of their auditions tapes, and boiled the list down to:

Aaron Johnson, Anton Yelchin, Logan Lerman, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Bell.

Few surprises there, what with pretty much every one of those names having been stuck to the role in the past few weeks let alone months.

The big question remains, though – just who will bag Spidey?

Johnson would be an interesting choice considering he pretty much played Peter Parker in Kick-Ass (the perfect audition tape for Spidey, surely?). Meanwhile, Logan Lermon sort of looks exactly the same as Johnson, except American…

Naturally, we’re going to go all patriotic (despite yesterday’s balls up) and lay our loyalties with Jamie Bell and Johnson. And that’s the last we’ll say on the matter until Sony actually cast somebody.

Who is your favourite?