Spider-Man headed for the stage

If, as the theme tune to the original live-action Spider-Man TV show used to run, the titular hero can do whatever a spider can, he’d better hope that spiders have great singing voices in the wild.

Because, with Spider-mania at an all-time high thanks to the imminent of arrival of Spider-Man 3, Marvel has announced it has been developing a stage musical version of the character.

While it sounds like an odd idea – what, the movie franchise wasn’t enough of a money-spinner for them? – the currently untitled musical certainly boasts a high quality team behind the curtain: Bono (on a break from saving the world) and The Edge are writing the musical and Julie Taymor will lend her award-winning skills to direct the show. Aside from her film work, she’s best known as the woman behind the successful Lion King musical, so if anyone can turn beloved film characters into tune-slinging shows, it’s her.

As for the plot, that’s still being kept mostly secret. But recent casting leaks include word that Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, J Jonah Jameson and The Green Goblin will all appear. And there’s apparently a second, mysterious villain, an alluring female spider-lady named Arachne who haunts Peter’s dreams.

With a cast still to be found and the development of the show in the early stages, don’t expect it to show up on New York’s stages much before next year.

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