Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer hits

It’s something of a tradition that the Spider-Man teasers, going all the way back to the first film’s cracking, but then controversial (and ultimately yanked) Twin Towers-starring footage, show up and blow the collective geek mind.

So it is with the third movie’s teaser, which starts slow, but then explodes into an impressive montage of action that gives us a glance at Sandman in full flow, Spidey’s darkest hour, a pre-Venom Topher Grace and, if you look closely at a moment of someone smashing into a wall, the Hobgoblin or a new, Harry Osborn-powered version of the Green Goblin. There’s no clear reference to a fourth villain yet, though it’s likely that Raimi and Marvel’s Avi Arad are holding on to that info for now.

Get yourself over to the Apple trailer site by clicking here . We suggest the High Resolution trailers, if your computer can handle ‘em…

Source: ( Apple.com )