Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide

Iron Jaw Gulch

Marshal Wheellock Plushy (1/5)

As soon as the level begins, turn around to spot this under a wooden water tower. Destroy the water tower to reach it.

Marshal Wheellock Plushy (2/5)

After defeating the Pirate Powderkeg, you'll activate a bridge. Cross and use the blue bounce pad to reach another plushy.

Legendary Treasure: Jolly Greeble

Upon entering Cactus Pass, you'll see a Swap Zone. Use a character with the Rocket ability to complete the course and earn this reward.

Marshal Wheellock Plushy (3/5)

After taking out the first airship, you'll be near the entrance to Hucksters Hutch. Before entering, use the bounce pad outside to reach the roof and grab the next plushy.

Marshal Wheellock Plushy (4/5)

You'll enter Cuddy's Cottage while retrieving the second handle. Jump onto the northwest bed, and after five bounces, the bed will break, revealing the fourth plushy.

Legendary Treasure: Tik-Tok Neck Clock

After taking out the second airship, you'll land in the 10,000 Galloon Hat, right near a Tech Elemental Gate. Use a Tech Skylander to open the path, and complete the course to earn this.

Story Scroll: The Glass Hat

After retrieving the handle from the Kangarat Groove Hut, activate the bridge. This will also activate a set of steps next to the bridge. Hop up to grab the scroll.

Marshal Wheellock Plushy (5/5)

Just before exiting 10,000 Gallon Hat, you can spot this bounce pad. Hit it to reach the final plushy.

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