Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide

Frostfest Mountains

Balloon Animal (1/5)

From the very start of the level, head south from the lamppost to find a hidden path. Follow it to the first balloon animal.

Balloon Animal (2/5)

When you enter Hooplaberg, this will be dead ahead of you.

Balloon Animal (3/5)

Soon after entering The Glacier Hills, you'll have to cross this icy river. Hop across the ice chunks to the far right to find another balloon animal.

Winged Sapphire

Just across the icy river, you'll spot a Magic Elemental Gate to your left. Use a Magic Skylander to open the way, and complete the minigame inside to earn this prize.

Balloon Animal (4/5)

After taking out the Evilized Chillydogs, take a left from the Battle Gate. Hop over the spinning blades to grab another balloon animal tucked away back here.

Story Scroll: Party on the Mountains

When you enter The Tempest Maze, make a left. Carefully make your way through the crowd of exploding robot snowmen, and you'll eventually reach this.

Balloon Animal (5/5)

When you reach the locked gate at the end of The Tempest Maze, turn around and look for a break in the fence. Drop down and follow the short path to grab the last balloon animal.

Legendary Treasure: Endless Cocoa Cup

Near the lantern at the end of The Tempest Maze is a dual Tech/Fire Elemental Gate. Make a Swap Force character combination (or use appropriate Skylanders, if you're playing co-op) to open the way. Inside, take out the enemies to open the battle gate and reveal this treasure.

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