Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide

Mudwater Hollow

Floaty Life Preserver (1/6)

This one can't be missed. As you approach the Grumblebum Thrasher, you'll see it on a hill to your left.

Story Scroll: Magic Recycling

This one's hard to miss too. Continue forward to spot it down the path.

Legendary Treasure: Luminous Lure

Before leaving Snagglescale Swamp, you'll pass this Elemental Gate. Use a Life Skylander to open the way, then complete the fishing minigame inside to win a great prize.

Floaty Life Preserver (2/6)

After riding the tube the first time, make a right just past the missing gear. Follow this narrow path to find another preserver.

Legendary Treasure: Bubble Chest

Hang right upon entering Broken Bog Bay to approach an Elemental Gate. Use a Magic Skylander to open the way, then complete the platforming segment within. The treasure awaits you at the end of the course.

Floaty Life Preserver (3/6)

Once you grab the gear inside Big Gill Water Mill, don't exit. Instead, hop across the nearby gear to reach this little alcove. You'll find another preserver inside.

Floaty Life Preserver (4/6)

When you reach Muddy Marsh Village, move right and hop along the boards behind the houses to reach this.

Floaty Life Preserver (5/6)

In the north end of the village, a Boghog (one of those green boar things) is asleep. Bounce on it a few times, and it will burrow away, digging up a collectible in the process.

Winged Sapphire

In the same section of the village is a dual Water/Undead Elemental Gate. Use a Swap Force character with these elements (or two appropriate Skylanders, if you're playing co-op) to open the way forward. Complete the battles inside to earn this.

Floaty Life Preserver (6/6)

While destroying the crystals that have imprisoned the Flashfin, look to your right after using the first launch pad.

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