Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide


Toy Train (1/5)

When moving past the crane hooks in Soggy Fields, look for this little inlet. Follow the path to the first train.

Toy Train (2/5)

After grabbing the dynamite from Sandy Shoppe, quickly backtrack through Lester's Lane and blow up the earlier gate. Follow the new path to another train.

Toy Train (3/5)

Before grabbing the cannon, enter the nearby building, Lester's Storage Shed. In the back left is another train.

Story Scroll: Motleyville Junk

After taking the cannon up the tracks, clear the debris and push the cannon backwards. Fire it from its new position to clear another path that leads to a scroll.

Toy Train (4/5)

As you move through The Secret Way, you'll spot this on a high ledge. Continue up the hill to the mine cart. Make sure the track switcher is facing south, then push the cart down the hill. This will help you reach the train.

Legendary Treasure: The Bling Grille

Upon returning to the Stack O' Trains, you'll come across a Swap Zone. Use a character with the Climb ability to complete the course and earn this prize.

Legendary Treasure: Crooked Currency

After grinding the third rail (not that kind), you'll wind up in Fixin' Station. Hang right to reach a Tech Elemental Gate. Use a Tech Skylander to open it, and complete the course inside to earn this.

Toy Train (5/5)

When you reach the whirlpool a little further ahead, jump up the ramshackle buildings to the left to reach the last train.

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