Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide

Fantasm Forest

Wooden Dalmatian (1/6)

After speaking to Nolan on Troll Toll Bridge, drop down to the lower ledge. From here, you can jump onto some floating platforms that lead to the first dalmatian.

Wooden Dalmatian (2/6)

Just before exiting Troll Toll Bridge, you'll pass another burning gate. Once you acquire water balloons in the next area, Fantasm Beach, backtrack and douse this gate to reach the collectible beyond.

Wooden Dalmatian (3/6)

When you hop across the wooden platforms in the same area, keep to the right. Hop to this walkway to reach another dalmatian.

Legendary Treasure: The Brass Tap

You'll encounter Evilized Screechers by the two Battle Gates in Water Way Retreat. After the fight, head to the right to approach a dual Undead/Life Elemental Gate. Create a Swap Force character with these elements (or choose two appropriate Skylanders, if you're playing co-op), to open it. Complete the course inside to earn this.

Wooden Dalmatian (4/6)

Inside 'Notso Lost' Lost Cavern, you'll use a water balloon to pass a burning gate. Grab a second water balloon to douse the flames just a bit beyond the gate to reach this.

Wooden Dalmatian (5/6)

When you enter Fantasm Village, dodge the barrels as you make your way up the hill, then go right. Hop up the ledges to find a fire hydrant. Turn it to douse the flaming gate on the left side of the hill you just climbed. Now you can reach the dalmatian over there.

Wooden Dalmatian (6/6)

The last dalmatian is a little tricky to acquire. Once you turned on the water inside Birchberg Resevoir, head south. Follow this hose to exit back to Birchberg, and remember the cellar door you used. Grab a water balloon, and quickly return to the same cellar door to return to the southern part of the reservoir. If you're quick enough, you can reach the flaming gate and douse the flames with your water balloon, allowing you to reach the last dalamatian.

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