SFX takes to the boards in new play

We got an email today from a bloke called Jack Bowman (how made-up does that name sound? You are a real person, aren’t you Jack?) to let us know that SFX is featuring in a play he’s appearing in.

The play’s called Frozen, and it’s not a sci-fi piece - more “a slow-burning, dark modern-day mystery between two people hiding secrets”, apparently. Crikey. Here’s where we come in: the male lead character Tom is a sci-fi fan who often retreats into his fantasy worlds (hey, what are you saying Jack? That we’re a bunch of nutbags?) and apparently his messy bed-sit (so we’re scruffbags too, are we?!) is strewn with a very large collection of back issues of Earth’s Greatest Science Fiction Magazine. That’s us.

Frankly, this doesn’t come anywhere near our sad fanboy dreams of being read by Tom Cruise in some blockbuster movie, but it’ll have to do.

If you fancy seeing the play, it’s on now and runs until 5 November. The venue is the Etcetera Theatre, Camden. It’s only 45 minutes long so if you live in old Londinium why don’t you quit watching Stargate DVDs for an evening and get a shot of culture, eh?

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Author: Ian Berriman