SFX poll result sends Serenity DVD rocketing up the charts!

Our "what's the best SF film ever?" poll has been getting coverage all over the shop. Yesterday, you may have read about it in The Sun. Or The Guardian. Or heard it being talked about on Radio One. All bleedin' day.

For the benefit of those who missed all the kerfuffle... according to our online poll, the best SF film ever made is officially: Serenity. Not Star Wars. Wowzers.

Anyhow, the ripples in this particular pond just keep on, er, a-rippling. Today we heard from the good people at Amazon.co.uk, who were astonished to find that the Serenity DVD has suddenly leapt into their "Movers and shakers" chart of titles with the biggest day-on-day increases in sales.

Here's the stats: before news of our poll broke like a tsunami upon a flabbergasted nation, Serenity was a humble 144th on Amazon's DVD chart. Twenty-four hours later, it had leapt to 15th place, with an 860% increase in sales.

Which is why, this afternoon, we feel like mutants who's just discovered their special abilities. Frankly, the realisation of the culture-warping power of our influence is starting to frighten us cos, y'know, with great power comes great responsibility, and all that jazz. What should we do next? How about a poll on whether there should be a special 24-hour ITV channel dedicated to Primeval clips featuring Hannah Spearritt in her pants? Who's with me?

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