Seth Rogen hints he's turning Preacher into a TV series

Seth Rogen could be about to bring comic book series Preacher to life as a TV show on AMC, the network responsible for other horror comic adaptation The Walking Dead .

Badass Digest report that the network, which is clearly looking to plug a gap after the end of Breaking Bad , has commissioned a pilot episode based on Garth Ennis’ gory comic series.

And AMC has apparently nabbed one of the comic’s biggest fans to make sure it’s done right, with Rogen reportedly on board as a producer.

After that, HBO commissioned Ghost Rider ’s Mark Steven Johnson and Howard Deutch to produce a TV pilot that would have turned each issue of Preacher into a single episode.

With every attempt to bring Preacher to life having failed thus far, we can’t help but approach this news with a little cynicism.

Given AMC’s track record with daring TV projects, though, we’re feeling pretty positive that if a Preacher series does get greenlit, it’ll stay true to Ennis’ brilliantly ballsy series.

Let the casting rumours commence…

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