Fortnite Stone Heads locations: Search where the Stone Heads are looking, visit different Stone Heads

It's pretty hard to miss the Easter Island-style Stone Heads that appeared on the island for Fortnite Season 5 (opens in new tab), but other than looking big and imposing they've only really been a source of chests and Fortnite rifts (opens in new tab). The Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges (opens in new tab) are set to change that, as there are now two weeks of Season 5 challenges that require the monoliths. For Week 6, you need to search the point where the Stone Heads are looking in order to find some free Battle Stars, and in Week 9 you need to visit all seven of the Stone Heads individually. But where are these statues located, and what are they looking at? Read on and we'll reveal all.

Fortnite Stone Heads locations

There are a total of seven Stone Heads located around the Fortnite map (opens in new tab), and you need to visit them all to complete the Week 9 challenge. They can be found staring across the island in the following locations:

  • C2 - in the trees southeast of Junk Junction
  • G3 - in the trees north of Tomato Temple
  • F5 - northwest of the Dusty Divot warehouses
  • I5 - on top of the hill west of Lonely Lodge
  • C6 - in a circle of stones north of Greasy Grove
  • E7 - on top of the hill east of the Shifty Shafts metal bridge
  • E10 - on a hill southwest of the Lucky Landings wooden bridge

Search where the Stone Heads are looking Battle Star location

If you consider the direction that all seven Stone Heads are looking, their gazes crossover at the same point on a small hill immediately southwest of Salty Springs. Head to the top of that mound and your Battle Pass icon should appear for collection - if you're having trouble finding the exact location then we've marked it for you to follow on the map below:

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