All the Fortnite flaming hoop locations for the Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK challenge

This Fortnite season 5 week 4 challenge has an interesting change to the usual collect/find/kill options - you have to jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK. There are 10 Fortnite flaming hoops on the map but you only have to jump through five to nail the challenge. 

Take our advice right up front and avoid the hoops at Tomato Town and Flush Factory, both of which require building your own ramps. There's also one in Paradise Palms that really needs you to drift boost up a sheer slope, and another you'll have to die to reach. So maybe avoid those if you want an easy life.

The rest are all ready and ramped up to go, so hit them first. You can jump the hoops in solo, duos, squads and 50vs50, with the latter probably being the easiest option. 

Fortnite flaming hoops locations

  • North of football stadium - C5 
  • Lazy Links - E3, south east 
  • Lazy Links - E3, north west 
  • Snobby Shores - A5, south west 
  • Tunnel south of Tomato Town - G4 - NEED TO BUILD A RAMP
  • South west of Paradise palms - H7, south 
  • South of Paradise Palms - H9, east - NEEDS A RAMP/ATK BOOST TO REACH
  • West of Paradise Palms - J8, east - YOU'LL HAVE TO DIE TO GET THIS ONE
  • North of Flush Factory - D8
  • Flush Factory - D9 - NEED TO BUILD A RAMP

As I said, you only need five of these and possible one of the quickest ways of doing it is via 50vs50 and hitting both Lazy Links and Paradise Palms where you'll find three rings close together in each location. Ready? 

North of football stadium - C5 

You'll find one of the Fortnite flaming hoops behind the indoor football stadium at C5, west of Snobby Shores. It's by a ramp coming off the mountain. If you're lucky you should find an ATK in the car park nearby. Grab that and head up the side of the mountain to nail the jump. 

The Fortnite flaming hoop at E3 in Lazy Links will be easy to target from the air as it's by the little umbrella shaped quarry directly to the west of the golf club. That club's also your best bet for a nearby ATK as well, so hit that first and then you can grab this jump and the next one...  

Just south, slightly to the west, of the Lazy Links club you'll see a flaming hoop just atop a gentle slope by a line of trees. There are usually ATKs at the club itself so land there first to get what you need. 

Snobby Shores - A5, south west 

There's one of the Fortnite flaming hoops just by the south-most house in Snobby Shores, right by the base of the mountain. Just by chance there also happens to be a garage that usually has an ATK in it, in the nearest house. So get it and grab some air. 

Tunnel south of Tomato town - G4

The Tomato Town flaming hoop is one of the tricker ones, as the only way to reach it is to build a ramp out from the ledge. You'll find it in front of the tunnel south of Tomato town- get on top and you'll find some shopping carts. Smash some trees. Build a ramp to the hoop. Done.

South west of Paradise palms - H7, south 

There are three flaming hoops around Paradise Palms, making it a good place to try and tick some off. There will be some ATKs at the racetrack to the north of this sandy area, and there's usually a trolley in Paradise Palms itself. Best go ATK though if you want to manage the rough terrain.

South of Paradise Palms - H9, east

This flaming hoop is a little tricky to get as you'll really need an ATK and some luck to drift boost up the hill to reach it. Or you could build a ramp. Either way you might try an easier one instead. 

West of Paradise Palms - J8, east

Best save this Fortnite flaming hoop for last as getting it involves driving off a cliff and into the sea. Which, in case you're not playing attention, means you'll die. A nicely poetic way to finish off the challenge if you're in the area maybe, but not one to prioritise. 

North of Flush - D8

If you're going after the Fortnite flaming hoop north of Flush Factory, aim for the top of the mountain it's under. You'll find a Shopping cart there that you can use to ride down the slope and clear the jump. Just watch the approach as if you don't hit the ramp head on you'll kill your speed. 

Flush Factory


No. Of all the Fortnite flaming hoops, the one at Flush factory is one of the worst to try for because it's over the big toilet which means building a big ramp to reach it. In the main competitive modes that's a risk, in 50vs50 you'll find your own team shooting the ramps as fast as you can build them. Just go somewhere else. 

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