Where to find the Fortnite ATK All Terrain Karts and go for a spin

If you've spent any time playing Fortnite, then you should have at least seen a Fortnite ATK, or All Terrain Kart, pootling around the island. This was the first official vehicle added to the game - not counting the Fortnite shopping carts - and these little golf buggies can accommodate all four members of a squad at once for maximum mobility. They can also be drifted into power slides to gain additional boost, and if all four players riding it lean back at once you can even make it jump. But of course, before you can do any of that you'll need to find one, so we'll show you where to find the Fortnite ATKs on the map.

Where to find the Fortnite ATKs

Fortnite ATKs

Here are all the locations for the Fortnite ATKs we've found so far:

  • Snobby Shores - Northmost house (A5)
  • Snobby Shores - Road that leads to Tilted Towers (B5)
  • Paradise Palms - In the central square (I8)
  • Racetrack near Paradise Palms - In the garage (J6)
  • Racetrack near Paradise Palms - In garage next to the diner (J6)
  • Lazy Links - Next to the house near the lakehouse (F2)
  • Lazy Links - By the Tennis Courts (F3)

How to control the Fortnite ATKs

Once you actually get behind the wheel, controlling the cart is a cinch. If you’re on PC and sticking with a keyboard, you can manoeuvre with the classic WASD, the space-bar provides the handbrake, and the CTRL key switches you and your buddies around. If you’re looking to do anything more complicated than ramming into a nearby building, however, you might want to whip out a gamepad if you have one, as it’ll make the kart that much easier to drive. With a standard 360 pad, the right trigger accelerates, the left trigger brakes and reverses, and the X button brings you into a power-slide, Mario Kart-style. For console players, the right trigger accelerates, the left trigger brakes and reverses, and the left bumper initiates a power-slide.

How to boost the Fortnite ATKs

About that power-slide - as you can probably guess, if you power-slide for a couple of seconds, you’ll eventually build up a blue boost on your tail, which you activate by releasing the button and coming out of the slide. If you hold it a bit longer, the blue aura will turn red, and you’ll get much more speed and momentum coming out of it. In general, if you aren’t getting blasted at, and you need a shortcut to boost-dom, spinning around in circles in an open area is the easiest way to get the power that you need to go off a slope for a big jump. If you jump for long enough, a point counter will appear to total your distance and height, so go for broke.

How to jump further in Fortnite ATKs

If you want to get more hang-time, make sure to get the passengers you’re carrying to lean by pressing back on the left stick or using the S key. If you coordinate and release at the same time, you’ll jump farther, and you can even hop over small bumps in the road. If you’re flying solo it doesn’t work, so don’t bother trying. Also, the top of the cart is a jump-pad, so do with that information what you will.

Pulling off wheelies with your buddies while they do the dance from Scrubs might make for great fun, but it’s rarely a route to that victory you so crave. It’s best to use the ATK in the early stages of a match to maximise your loot haul. Later on, you’ll be an easy target for a sniper, and enemies will be able to hear you coming, so ditch the kart and head for the hills.

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