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Save big in a PC sale from Dell UK: get a cheap XPS laptop or 2-in-1 machines right now

Save big in a PC sale from Dell UK: get a cheap XPS laptop or 2-in-1 machines right now
(Image credit: Dell)

If you've been eyeing up a cheap laptop deal or a cheap PC sale to get stuck into in these weird times, then this Dell sale could be right up your street. From gaming laptops to really great home and work machines, these PC deals are solid and offer a great way to get a new bit of tech that'll be genuinely useful and fun over the course of the next however-many weeks we might all be a bit more remote. These are all laptop deals so there's a strong emphasis on portability and flexibility: great for home devices that can be picked up and taken elsewhere with no hassle whatsoever.

The discounts cover a range of models: the excellent XPS 15 laptop - that mixes great work/home performance with good gaming chops - is down £320 to £1,199; the 15's smaller, slightly more versatile cabling, the XPS 13 2-in1 machine is discounted by £300 to £1,219.01 right now; and the smart, budget-level laptop, the Inspiron 14 7000 laptop is down to a very attractive £769 (a saving of £200). Nice.

And if you are after a gaming-focused machine, the oft-underrated Dell G3 15-inch gaming laptop has a solid discount too. This has an i7-9750 processor and a 1660Ti graphics card, and a good SSD+HDD storage combination to boot; it's down to £1099. We'd probably like this to be a little cheaper since it only has 8GB of RAM but all things considered it's a solid deal.

Also, it's important to be aware that these deals are only on for as long as stock holds up or March 31, 2020 - whichever comes first! And while these deals are UK only - but extend to other cheap laptop deals on a whole bunch of others perfect for working from home stuff, by the way - if you're in the US, then rest assured you'll be able to find some similar deals over at Dell US.

Dell XPS 15 laptop | £1,199 at Dell (save £320)
A very meaty saving on one of Dell's top laptops here. This combines everything great about Dell's productive and perfect-for-home and work approach to laptops and throws in some gaming performance for good measure. That 1650 GPU will serve you well for when you want some fun out of your machine after work.View Deal

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop | just £1,219.01 at Dell (save £300)
Featuring excellent versatility in a compact but very capable machine, the XPS 13 2-in-1 is a perfect do-it-all machine for work and home use. The design is beautiful.View Deal

Inspiron 14 7000 laptop | £769 at Dell (save £200)
A terrific little machine that offers great performance and almost hold-in-one-hand size. Also, the 13 7000 sister model is also discounted and features a larger 512GB SSD - that can be yours for £899 right now.

View Deal

Dell G5 gaming laptop | £1,099 at Dell (save £220)
This offers great value for a solid gaming laptop. Equipped with that 1660Ti card - top of the non-ray-tracing cards - it'll handle anything well and provide smooth experiences. It's a bit mean having only 8GB of RAM but such compromises abound in tech deals.View Deal

As these items are perfect for working from home, it might be worthwhile teaming them with some quality peripherals too - and, if so, why can't they have a gaming steer? Think about the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard,  and the best gaming headset - all these would be fine work additions and also ensure you had some great gaming tech for the future (or now) too.

For something more gaming-focused, check out our guides to the best gaming PC and best gaming laptops.

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