Sandra Bullock gets a proposal

After trying her hand successfully at complicated drama (Crash) and, er, less successfully at twisty thrillers (Premonition), Sandra Bullock is headed back towards the genre that has usually served her well in the past – romantic comedy.

Her latest possible project is The Proposal, the 733rd incarnation of classic mismatched marriage comedy Green Card. In this version, Sandy plays a workaholic, ultra-focused female boss staring deportation to Canada in the face. To stay in the States, she agrees to marry her young male assistant. Hilarity? Well, they hope…

The man behind the script is Peter Chiarelli, who’s decided to switch sides in the film game, having previously worked as a development executive for MGM. Yes, the man who shepherded the new Pink Panther and Amityville Horror movies is now being let loose on a screenplay for Touchstone.

But that assumes it’ll even get made – the thing needs a director and some other actors before it can even start shooting.