Sam Raimi up for more Spider-Man if Marvel wants

Spider-Man 3 is the least-liked entry in Sony's first webhead trilogy, receiving middling reviews from critics and striking out with devout fans of the superhero. That's not stopped its stars from staunchly defending the sequel, taking a positive stance on a film that even its own director admits he botched.

Like clockwork, Sam Raimi offered another statement acknowledging the shortcomings of the third installment. "I messed up on the third one," Raimi told The Week, before admitting that he's not quite caught up on the current state of Spidey's affairs. "I'm not really on top of it, I know they made two [Amazing Spider-Man] features, and obviously, I've seen those." Looks like Raimi's made his peace with the Marc Webb-directed movies, that he previously said watching would be akin to attending an ex-girlfriend's wedding.

As for the future of Spider-Man, he's poised to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in next year's Captain America: Civil War, before leaping into action for his 2017 solo flick. While that first rebooted entry has Jon Watts at the helm, there's no word on who might direct the sequel. Would Raimi return? "I think they're so complete now, Marvel," he added. "They probably don't need me anymore. But if they needed me? I'd love to. It's great to be wanted."

Gem Seddon

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