Rumour Mill: Spider-Man 4... and 5 shot together?

Right now, the idea of Spider-Man 4 exists only in the gleam of the Sony accountants’ eyes and the fizzing brain of Zodiac scriptwriter James Vanderbilt, who has apparently turned in his draft of the film.

But according to a source over at Cinematical , Vanderbilt’s script encompasses enough story for two films, which may mean that the studio can go ahead and double up. There’s no word on whether it’ll actually go ahead yet, though- the execs and Vanderbilt have to renegotiate his deal to make anything happen.

And there’s no director or stars attached, with the team from the first three films no longer covered by any sort of contract. We’ll just have to wait and see. But the idea of spreading the web a little wider sounds sensible after the bloated plot of Spider-Man 3.