Rumour: Indiana Jones series could reboot with Bradley Cooper in lead

Indiana Jones 5 has been a Hollywood rumour that refuses to go away, but things appear to have grown a little quieter on the proposed sequel of late.

However, with Harrison Ford not getting any younger, Latino Review reports that Disney may turn to a younger man to pick up the whip and fedora, with Bradley Cooper at the top of the studio's hit-list.

The report suggests that Disney may be considering a James Bond-esque approach to the series, recasting the character while keeping the sense of overarching continuity nice and vague.

Should that turn out to be the case, we can expect an entirely new story, and not one that follows on from Crystal Skull in any way. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Frank Darabont has reportedly pitched a story idea to studio bosses, although whether it revolves around a younger Dr. Jones remains to be seen…

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