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Robert Rodriguezs Shorts gets a teaser

The new teaser trailer for Robert Rodriguez’ new kid film Shorts has gone online and you can check it out below.

Firmly back in the wacky, OTT, super-stylised (if slightly more real-world) arena he specialised in for Spy Kids, Rodriguez latest is another effects-heavy child pleaser.

We’re introduced to Toe Thompson (Jimmy Bennett), a gawky kid who always seems to get on the wrong side of the school bully – who happens to be a girl.

But when he discovers a mysterious, rainbow coloured rock that has dropped from the sky, Toe’s life changes for the seriously weird – as if life in the small community of Black Falls wasn’t already odd.

Soon the strange chunk of debris is granting wishes and encouraging everyone – from jealous other kids to scheming adults – to try to get their hands on it.

Take a look at the trailer below, and see if it looks like fun… Or makes you wish he’d get on with Sin City 2. Or Machete. Or anything grown up.