Red Dead Redemption remake hopefuls set themselves up for further heartbreak after Rockstar website update

A shootout in Red Dead Redemption
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Another Rockstar website update has hopes for a Red Dead Redemption remake or remaster running high once again, even though this is perhaps the thinnest 'hint' at the project we've seen yet.

Earlier today, prominent Rockstar leaker Tez2 noted on Twitter that "Rockstar's new site update, live an hour ago, added a new reference within the games list," labeled as "Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver)." This reference's codename is apparently "RDR1RSP," which Tez2 speculated to mean "RDR1 Remaster SP." Tez2 also attached a "new" version of the Red Dead Redemption logo.

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While the notion of a new version of Red Dead Redemption with the "Rockstar Games Presents" branding was obviously enough to set hopes for a modern remake or remaster alight once more, there's just one problem: that logo isn't actually new at all. It's identical to the logo on the box of the original Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Red Dead Redemption, right down to the Rockstar Games Presents label over top. That version of the logo might be new to the Rockstar website, but it ain't new to the world.

As for the RDR1RSP codename, as much as I'd love to be wrong, I fear that's probably just a filename for the 'Red Dead Redemption 1: RockStar Presents' logo version.

Tez2 has historically been a pretty accurate source of Rockstar tips, and I don't doubt all this stuff is part of a recent website update, but I'm definitely not convinced it's a hint at a new version of Red Dead Redemption. Last year, Tez2 reported that plans for a Red Dead Redemption remaster had been in the works, but had been shelved, potentially in response to the disastrous launch of the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy.

A few weeks ago, an update to the Rockstar Social Club included a number of new achievement icons for Red Dead Redemption, once again sparking vain remaster hopes until everyone realized it wasn't the only game to get such an update. Shortly afterward, fans started reading way too much into Take-Two financial calls. The one somewhat concrete detail is that Red Dead Redemption did get a new rating in Korea recently, but even that is far from a certain confirmation that a remake or remaster is incoming.

At least modders are here to give us a taste at the potential for a Red Dead Redemption remaster. 

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