Potential proof of a Red Dead Redemption remaster has unfortunately been debunked

Red Dead Redemption
(Image credit: Rockstar)

New Red Dead Redemption-adjacent details have been uncovered, and although they at first appeared to be evidence of a remaster, they've since been debunked as far less important.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Red Dead Redemption had received a new rating from a ratings board in Korea, sparking speculation of a new remaster. Now, Red Dead Redemption players have discovered that Rockstar has quietly updated the Achievement icons available on the Social Club, which has only added fuel to the speculation fires.

The issue here is there's no way to tell how old the new Social Club icons are for Red Dead Redemption. They could have been worked on as recently as a few weeks ago at Rockstar internally, or they could've been completed months ago, as a project of less importance meant to breathe some semblance of new life into the older of the Red Dead Redemption games.

Unfortunately, the whole thing has turned out to be a lot less important than it was first reported as. Rockstar's Midnight Club LA (yes, they make games that aren't Red Dead and GTA) has also received fresh new icons for its Social Club, and there's been zero evidence whatsoever of a remaster for that game, unlike with Red Dead Redemption.

The entire thing seems to be a bit misleading, based on what was originally unearthed. Considering a report last year claimed a Red Dead Redemption remaster had been shelved at Rockstar, maybe we should also shelve our speculation about the revival.

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Hirun Cryer

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