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PS5 stock keeps appearing today - here's where you should check first

PS5 stock
(Image credit: Sony)

It's been a frantic few days when it comes to PS5 stock, and it looks like we're about to go through the whole thing again. To be precise, we've had reports that the hard-to-find console appeared at Argos early this morning and Very much more recently. It's gone now, obviously, but that would suggest PS5 stock is still finding its way to retailers (what's more, we've heard whispers that those Very deals have been going in and out of stock - they may yet return). The same is true of the US; the system made short-lived appearances at Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon US last week. As a result, being on high alert is a good idea.

With that in mind, we've gathered some quick PS5 stock links for you to keep an eye on below. Although offers are snapped up quickly - especially because stores tend to drop PlayStation 5 stock without warning - it's better than nothing. Considering how tricky it's been to buy PS5 thus far, we'll take any opportunities we can get.

Even the hard-to-find Pulse 3D headset has made a limited comeback at Argos. It's an encouraging sign. Frankly, we've seen more of the next-gen console and it's accessories this past week than we have in months.

Just be ready to move fast. PS5 stock doesn't hang around for long, so being quick at checkout is your best chance of securing the console. Sign in ahead of time where you can, too - holdups could mean the difference between buying the console or missing out.

And for your own sake, don't get your hopes up too much. Competition is fierce out there, many of these units are being claimed by scalpers, and it's hard to predict when new deals will appear in the first place (they usually drop without any fanfare at all). Frankly, it's demoralising. 

However, you shouldn't give up hope. We've had anecdotal evidence of shoppers breaking through to secure PS5 stock against all the odds, so be persistent. Checking our quick links every now and then will point you in the right direction at the very least.

We'd also recommend watching out for Twitter trends if you can to stay ahead of the game. For example, UK stock-monitoring account Ps5Instant is worth keeping an eye on; they've (mostly) been on the money with their assessments so far, and are a great early warning system if you don't fancy hovering on store pages (which is entirely fair). Indeed, they tweeted about Very having stock even when the website claimed it didn't - the trick was to refresh the page a few times. Cunning.

Because of how tricky it's been to find PS5 stock, any help is welcome in tracking the console down. The same is true of being able to buy Xbox Series X throughout January - it's been nearly impossible to get hold of as well, though admittedly a little easier to grab when it does appear. For example, Xbox Series X stock was available at Very this week, while the Series S has appeared on Microsoft's own UK store over the last few days. This would give the impression that more and more consoles are breaking through, so your chances of picking one up are improving ever so steadily. The further we go into 2021, the easier it should be (in theory, anyway).

If you don't manage to pick up the console this week, fear not - keep an eye on our PS5 deals and bundles page for more offers as they appear.

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