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PS5 restocks could hit at Best Buy and Target today

PS5 restock
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Update: Target just went live with its PS5 restock. Head over there as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of getting the console - it probably won't last long.

Early morning PS5 restocks have popped up at Walmart in three waves so far this week, which means we're not likely to see another drop here over the next few days.

However, Target has started warming its engines after a month of silence. Rumors have been spinning of a new PS5 stock drop on either August 26 or 27. Seeing as things were all quiet yesterday, we may well see the fabled Target drop today. 

However, we're putting our biggest bets on Best Buy. The retailer has offered consistent PS5 stock drops on Fridays over the course of August and we see no reason to deviate now. 

Amazon could also be offering more PS5 restocks today. TechRadar's Matt Swider noted that the store recently changed its links, a strong indicator that there's movement behind the scenes. 

We haven't seen any stock from Amazon since July, so there's a strong possibility some units are ready to leave the warehouse. Plus, there has been plenty of PS5 deals on accessories and games at Amazon recently, which means you may be able to stack your cart with everything you need from day one. 

PS5 restock: tips for this week

PS5 restocks are becoming more and more predictable, with retailer patterns growing all the more consistent. However, we've also seen plenty of surprise drops over the last few weeks, so it pays to be both prepared and flexible. 

Patience is key here. As we saw with Walmart earlier in the week, retailers often release their stock in waves. That means you'll need to keep trying if you receive error messages at checkout, or if the console appears out of stock when you land on the site right on time. Keep refreshing (or use the retailers' apps which rarely require a manual refresh) to catch the start of the next wave. 

Before any PS5 stock drops, though, it's important to get your payment and account in order. Stay logged in and be sure to save your payment details for a faster checkout. Once your console is in your cart you may only have seconds to secure that order confirmation, and inputting your details after the fact will likely cost you. 

If you come across a bundle offer, it might be worth considering the additional upfront cost. Many PS5 restocks from Gamestop have been holding their place on the shelf a lot longer because of the additional PS5 accessories included, and if a bundle matches your day one purchases anyway it's well worth it.

There are also plenty of scalper sites riding on your disappointment right now. Never pay more than MSRP for your console - you'll be able to buy a PS5 for the standard $499.99 / £449.99 ($399.99 / £349.99 for the digital edition) at some point so don't even consider spending more at a shady retailer. 

Which PS5 should you buy?

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