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PS5 restocks: the retailers to watch after a slow stock week

PS5 restock
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We've only seen a handful of PS5 restocks so far this week, and only on the Digital Edition. Compared to last week's flurry of excitement from Dell, Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart, it's been a little quiet. However, there's still plenty to be hopeful for. 

Amazon hadn't offered any PS5 restocks for weeks before quietly launching a new wave of digital-only consoles on Thursday. It might be worth keeping an eye out here for full standard edition units as well, however considering the fact that we've only seen disk-less devices on sale this week, we're not expecting any further drops from Amazon today. 

The retailers to watch, then, are Best Buy and GameStop. It's true, Best Buy has fallen out of its weekly pattern over the last month. However, before this slower period, the retailer had previously offered PS5 stock on Thursdays and Fridays. If Best Buy finally has some boxes on the shelves, they may be waiting for today to unleash them. 

That's a very big 'if', though. In fact, we're a little more optimistic about GameStop's chances. The retailer recently hinted at more PS5 restocks on Twitter, nudging customers towards its PowerUp program for "early access to the new console drops" before adding, "just something to think about."

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