Peter Howitt tries some Dangerous Parking

Peter Howitt is going the truly indie route to make his next movie, an adaptation of Stuart Browne’s Dangerous Parking.

He’s found the money from a group of private investors and is also getting local companies and even the crew to pitch in to cover costs on the film. The reward for investors will be a share of the money from sales.

Howitt has also gathered himself a cast, though we’re not sure how well he’ll work with his chosen lead – himself. We hope he doesn’t have any serious arguments with himself, and ends up getting fired from the film. Also starring are Saffron Burrows, Sean Pertwee (because British indie movie law demands the Pertwee appear), Rachael Stirling, Alice Evans, Tom Conti and Dervla Kirwan.

The plot sees a formerly hell raising filmmaker diagnosed with cancer taking stock of his life, a past littered with sex, drugs and – yes- rock ‘n’ roll.