Pedro Almodovar talks Broken Hugs

Art houses movie lovers rejoice! After taking a while to truly make up his mind, juggle actors’ schedules and write the script he wanted, Pedro Almodovar has announced that his next film will be Los Abrazos Rotos, or Broken Hugs.

Almodovar muse Penelope Cruz will star alongside Blanca Portillo and Lluis Homar. “It’s a four-way tale of amour fou, shot in the style of ‘50s American film noir at its most hard-boiled,” Almodovar blabbed to Variety.

As ever, though, he’s staying tight-lipped about exact details. He did spill a little bit more, however. According to man himself, it will mix stylistic references such as Nicholas Ray’s In A Lonely Place and Vincente Minnelli’s The Bad And The Beautiful with signature Almodovar themes. Such as? “Fate, the mystery of creation, guilt, unscrupulous power, the eternal search of fathers for sons, and sons for fathers,” he told the trade mag.

We also know it will take place in both the ‘90s and today, and starts shooting next spring once Almodovar has polished the script to perfection.

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