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Paul Haggis in talks to translate Cell 211

Paul Haggis

Oscar-winning Crash writer/director Paul Haggis is being tapped to forge an English-speaking remake of Spanish action flick Celda 211 .

A big hit in its native Spain (it scooped eight Goya Awards, or Spanish Oscars), the 2009 film has been described as a contender for Die Hard ’s action crown.

The premise – new prison guard wakes up inside a prison gripped by a riot, has to survive – certainly chimes with that notion, and the flick’s been praised for cleverly smashing together smart thriller tropes and all-out action.

Haggis has just finished up work on Russell Crowe vehicle The Next Three Days , which itself is a remake of a 2007 French film.

Will he take on another remake? When the material’s as tantalising as Cell 211 , we can’t exactly blame him for being tempted.