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Paramount Win A Bounty

Coffee table sci-fi book about about a bounty hunter heading for the big screen (and a graphic novel, and the internet, and probably lunch-boxes and Y-fronts eventually)

Heavy Metal Publishing’s coffee-table sci-fi book (that means you’re supposed to admire the pictures and skim the text*) Last Man Standing: Killbook Of A Bounty Hunter has been snapped up by Paramount following a bidding war for the property, according to The Hollywood Reporter ’s Heat Vision Blog .

Created by Daniel LuVisi, the book is about a bounty hunter, Gabriel who’s been created to be “a soldier with the talent of 500 soldiers” by a weapons organisation to be part of its army of Paladins. He’s framed and sent to prison, but escapes and into New Amerika, a place filled with genetically-enhanced shark-men, ninjas and burlesque girls.

The giant-sized book is also set to transformed into a graphic novel and will transfer (in some form) onto the internet as well. See more images from the book here .

* Perfect for pitching your idea to Hollywood suits who can’t actually be arsed to actually read scripts or books…