How to solve the Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle in Garland

Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle Riley and Jacob fiddling with EMF booster near time tear
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Solving the Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle is essential to progressing in the Garland Ghost Town, and planting that final transmitter to close the portal above Edwards Island. Since the mine is sealed off after a catastrophic accident many years ago, there’s no way in except for the time tear, but you’ll need to use those EMF boosters to manipulate how far back in time you go. However, these EMF boosters don’t come with instructions and the man that owns them, Hank, isn’t much help either, so I’ve laid out the solution for the Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle below so that you can easily get inside the Garland mines.

How to get into the mine using the EMF boosters in Oxenfree 2

Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle Riley tuning her radio to time tear frequency

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Firstly, make sure you’ve got acquainted with Hank Chapman by heading into the old post office in Garland Ghost Town – it’s at the bottom of the hill and to the right. While talking to Hank via Riley’s walkie-talkie, he’ll tell you to switch on the EMF machines using the generator in the post office and that the machines are like safes, in that by inputting the right code you “get to see what’s inside”. Here’s what you need to do to get inside the Garland mines in Oxenfree 2 using these EMF boosters:

  1. Activate the generator in the post office to power up the two EMF boosters. One in front of the general store near the post office, the other near the memorial building further up the hill.
  2. Approach the time tear in front of the general store and tune your radio to open it. The frequency is around 99.5.
  3. Go to the EMF booster by the general store and switch the number to 8. There are four slots but only the second one is active.
  4. Go to the next EMF booster up the hill and switch the number to either 8 or 9. As before, there are four slots but only one is active – this time it’s the third slot. You can flip this to 8 or 9.

Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle Riley and Jacob switching number to 9 on EMF booster

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  1. Go down to the time tear and go inside it. You’ll be transported back to the year 1880 or 1890 (depends on which number you used in the previous step) and can walk over to the mine tunnel which is now open.
  2. Head inside the mine and climb your way through until you eventually reach the upper ledge by the church and can place the final Oxenfree 2 transmitter.

Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle Riley and Jacob back in the year 1890 where Garland is lush and vibrant and the mine is still open

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This Oxenfree 2 puzzle works by using the EMF boosters to change the century and decade of the time tear, allowing you to change which year it takes you back to. By exploring the Garland Ghost Town, you’ll learn that the town was established in 1878 but the mine closed in 1892 after a disaster. That means 1880 and 1890 are the only decades you can travel to where the mine is still operational. You can continue to use the EMF boosters to explore the Garland area through the centuries too.

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