How to get inside Jacob’s house in Oxenfree 2

Oxenfree 2 Jacob's house Riley running to ladder
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Getting inside Jacob’s house in Oxenfree 2 requires you to reach a high-up window, but it’s a relatively easy puzzle that you can solve by looking at objects outside the house. Getting inside Jacob’s house in Berenson Creek is an important step in your journey too, as his old notes from Maggie Adler will help you understand how the transmitters can be used to close the Edwards Island portal. To get inside Jacob’s place in Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals, here’s what you need to do.

Oxenfree 2 Jacob’s house puzzle

Oxenfree 2 Jacob's house Riley standing below open window with two dialogue options questioning how to reach it

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To get inside Jacob’s house in Oxenfree 2, you need to go up the stairs to the side door and try to get in there. The door is locked, but you can now interact with the open top-floor window directly above. Do so, and you’ll now be able to grab the ladder between the garage and the doggy door. Take the ladder back up to the open window and you can now climb up then hop into Jacob’s room. You can be nosey and go through some of his stuff or head downstairs to unlock the door from the inside, so that he can read through those mysterious notebooks for you.

When searching for a way into the Jacob’s house, you might come across the garage door and the doggy door, although neither of these offer any sort of solution. In fact, when you interact with the garage door, he mentions that you could open it if his truck was nearby with the opener. However, do not go back to Jacob’s truck as you cannot collect a garage opener from it! I tried this in my first playthrough and it led to a game-breaking, hardlock bug upon returning to Berenson Creek and Jacob’s house. I had to start over in the end, so make sure you stay in Berenson Creek and use the ladder to get inside the house to hopefully avoid this.

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