Should you take the left or right Oxenfree 2 Pemmican Trail path?

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley dialogue options for taking either left or right path
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If you’re stuck at the Oxenfree 2 left or right path decision, where Jacob requests that you head up the longer but easier path, the short answer is that your choice doesn’t really matter. This choice pops up in the first half hour of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals and appears like it might be an important decision as you head up the Copper Creek Trail to the Pemmican Trailhead and beyond, but it turns out your decision doesn’t have much of an effect. Here’s what happens when you decide to take either the left or right trail paths in Oxenfree 2.

Pemmican Trailhead left or right path choice in Oxenfree 2 explained

Jacob wants to take the long Oxenfree 2 path to the left as it requires no climbing, so you can either join him or climb the path on the right alone. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t really matter which path you take when you reach this junction and both paths take you to the Pemmican Trailhead, which is the next area you need to reach to get to the summit of Camber Cape to place the first transmitter.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley and Jacob talking while walking up the left path

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By heading up the left with Jacob in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, you get to talk about why Riley came back to Camena in the first place and ask Jacob about himself. Climbing up the path on the right on your own therefore means you miss this conversation with Jacob and just end up further ahead in the Pemmican Trailhead while he plods up the path on his own.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley walking along right path on her own

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Taking the right path is barely any faster or more beneficial than taking the left Oxenfree 2 path, and you’ll miss out on chatting with Jacob, so I recommend taking the left path. As far as I can tell, missing this conversation has no bearing on your Oxenfree 2 endings and is purely a flavor thing, but it’s better than climbing alone in silence. You will have to make more than one trip up this path throughout the game, however, so it can be useful to take the right path instead on repeat visits.

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