All Oxenfree 2 transmitter locations and how to place them

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Placing the Oxenfree 2 transmitters in various high-up locations across Camena is Riley’s main objective in the game, so you’ll be hiking all over with Jacob to do this. It’s essential that you place these if you want to unravel the mysteries of the anomalous radio signals and horrific red ghosts that are haunting Camena in Oxenfree 2. Checking your map will help you narrow down a few good transmitter spots, but it’s not exactly clear how to get to them, so here’s a walkthrough on how to get to each of the Oxenfree 2 transmitter locations.

Do note, there are Oxenfree 2 spoilers below!

Where to place all Oxenfree 2 transmitters

Oxenfree 2 map showing locations of all transmitters

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After placing the first transmitter at Camber Cape, getting into Jacob’s house, then grabbing your climbing gear from the general store, you can go about placing the other three Oxenfree 2 transmitters. The locations that you need to place them in are Tootega Falls, Charity Point, and the Church of the Grand Architect in Garland. You can tackle the first two in any order, although the Church location in Garland must be completed last as you need a special item that is acquired after placing the other Oxenfree 2 transmitters.

Whenever you place a transmitter, you’ll need to solve an easy puzzle where you move a yellow dot around a grid to find the correct position. The dot glows brighter and there’s an audible chime when you move the dot closer to its intended position. The dot is in the right place when it turns from yellow to blue, so hold it there until the transmitter activates.

Oxenfree 2 Tootega Falls transmitter location

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley and Jacob walking through woods to Point Tilia

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After grabbing your climbing gear from the general store in Uptown Harbor, head back through Copper Creek Trail to Jacob’s house in Berenson Creek. Head all the way to the right, passing Jacob’s house, to get to Point Tilia.

Head down through Point Tilia and chase Charlie out to the next area. Now you need to head up to the Ranger house on the hill to get a key that allows you to open the gate Charlie locked. Use it and head through to Horseshoe Beach. Continue chasing Charlie, although Riley will end up separated from Jacob and will experience some weird stuff, including the Oxenfree 2 beach riddles. Once you get through that, you can head to Tootega Falls.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley placing transmitter at Tootega Falls

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Confront Charlie in this area and he’ll end up possessed on the bridge in front of the waterfall. Head up there, tune your radio to free him, then climb up the path to the left of the bridge. At the top of this path, you’ll have a clear view to Edwards Island and can place the Oxenfree 2 transmitter down. Don’t forget to check in with Evelyn on the walkie-talkie!

Oxenfree 2 Charity Point transmitter location

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley and Jacob climbing cliff next to Jacob's house

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Now, on your way out of Charity Point and into Waterhead Bluffs again, you’ll hear over your walkie-talkie that Olivia, Violet, and Charlie are all heading to the North Camena Community Center in Uptown Harbor. Head there right away to progress the story and unlock access to the Garland area.

Head to Berenson Creek and climb up the cliff to the left of Jacob’s house – this’ll lead you to Waterhead Bluffs. Navigating through this area is a bit confusing and takes a while as you’ve got to go through a series of caves and will end up solving the collapsing mine puzzle to get through one of the cave tunnels.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley placing transmitter at Charity Point

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Eventually, you will reach Charity Point and will bump into Violet who is being menaced, and later possessed, by one of the red ghosts. After dealing with said ghost and speaking to Violet, you’ll be able to continue heading to the right to the top of Charity Point where you can place the second Oxenfree 2 transmitter.

Oxenfree 2 Garland Church transmitter location

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley tuning radio to open radio lock to reach Garland

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From Uptown Harbor, head all the way left to the Parking Lot, then up to Copper Creek Trail. Follow the road up to the tunnel and go through to reach the Garland area. Using the upgraded radio you picked up at the community center, you can use it to open a special lock that blocks your path into the Garland Ghost Town.

Cross the bridge and investigate the town to discover the broken EMF machines and find Hank’s stuff in the old post office. You’ll need to solve the Oxenfree 2 EMF booster puzzle – which involves using the machines to time travel – to get to the right part of the mines that lead up to the church. Once you’re there, climb the church and attempt to place the final transmitter. This’ll get interrupted as Jacob falls through the old tower, but you’ll eventually get to place the transmitter like normal.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Riley placing transmitter at Garland Church

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Once you’ve done that, you need to head back to Uptown Harbor to do a few more things. Now is also the time to explore Camena and tie up any loose ends that you can, as there’s a point of no return ahead that leads directly into the Oxenfree 2 ending.

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