Ooblets Port Forward update is on the way with new Ooblets

Ooblets and character cooking
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Ooblets is getting two new creatures in an upcoming content update.

Announced through Twitter, Ooblets (the game) is receiving a new content update titled 'Port Forward' at some point in mid-2021 which will introduce two new Ooblets (the creatures). The video shows them both on a raft in the new region, Port Forward. One is a peppy little green creature of sorts, the other seems like a grumpy, blue mess sitting atop the raft.

That's not all though - there's also going to be interactive beach balls and balloon physics introduced with the update. These are shown off in a wonderfully adorable video showing the beach ball reacting all floaty, and the balloons being tethered to the player's hand.

The Port Forward update is the next step of Ooblets' roadmap for developer Glumberland, which is said to be bringing new clothes, new furniture, and some new decor. Following that, there's a secret update in the works to be released at some point in late 2021 with the game's full launch on the horizon.

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Last year, Ooblets launched into early access on both Xbox One and PC for the Epic Games Store. While it looks like a cute alternative to a Pokemon game, GamesRadar's Sam Loveridge wrote, Ooblets will be so much more than what you're expecting. Since its launch, it has received various updates and quality-of-life improvements, one being the ability to remove Ooblets you've caught, and another introducing more quests with a new region.

The game finds you running a farm, but you grow Ooblets that you can befriend and interact with throughout the wider world. That includes pitting them against others in dramatic dance battles. It also has RPG elements, allowing you to customize your appearance and explore the world, completing missions for people. Completing missions and tasks can earn you in-game currency known as 'Gummies'. However, doing all this work is a tiring process for your character, and so you'll be wanting to find Bunglebee Buns as one source to keep you going through the days.

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