How to earn more Gummies in Ooblets

In Ooblets, you don't chase paper, you chase Gummies - okay, and friendship and Wishies, and cute furniture, but really, it's Gummies that keep the residents of Badgetown afloat in their various shops. Gummies are the currency of the fantasy farming world, and without them, you'll be feeling quite helpless to complete many of the game's quests. If you need to know how to earn Gummies in Ooblets, here's our guide featuring several different methods. 

How to earn Gummies in Ooblets 

1. Scan ooblets at the Lernery

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Rugnolia is Badgetown's most inquisitive mind, always seeking to learn more about the ooblets. In the top right corner of the map, she's conducting some cruelty-free, touchless experiments on the little creatures and she pays quite handsomely for your help. Each time you acquire a new species of ooblet, bring it to her and she will scan it in her machine to learn more about them. In return, you'll pocket a cool 50 Gummies each time. 

With several species of ooblet available right away, this makes for a good method to use early and often. You can even unlock more ooblet species at the Wishie Well, which will in turn allow you to earn more Gummies from newly scanned ooblets.

2. Complete orders for Plenny

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Just outside of your farmhouse, in the bottom left section of Badgetown, there's a vending machine. At first, you won't be able to access it. But in short order, Mayor Tinstle and you will get it back open and ready for business. With it, you can complete Plenny's Bulk Orders - fetch quests, really, but they often pay very well. You'll be asked to hand in quantities of different items such as 10 sweetieberries, 10 froobtose, and really anything else the game lets you grow, craft, or otherwise acquire. 

Handing these in can pay anywhere between a small handful of Gummies and upwards of 600 or more. Some will take some patience while you gather what you need, but once you have them in, payouts are instantaneous. How's that for a payday?

3. Exchange wishies for Gummies

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Besides Gummies, the other major currency you'll be chasing in Ooblets is Wishies. These are like experience points you can use how you see fit, unlocking new blueprints, improving your character, or even just buying items you don't want to find elsewhere. 

In the Wishie Well menu, either in town or in your character menu, you can actually exchange your Wishies for Gummies at a decent exchange rate. For every 50 Wishies, you can trade them in for 100 Gummies. This may be a more attractive option later in the game once you've unlocked most of the upgrades, but the option is there whenever you want to use it.

4. Sell items to shops around Badgetown

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Like many games in the farm life sim genre, you're not the only entrepreneur in Ooblets. Storefronts all over Badgetown are ready to sell you clothing, seeds, furniture, and more, but take note that they're willing to buy too. Should you have the sort of goods they each like, you can sell them at some decent prices. For example, Meed's Seeds has no use for your tables and chairs, but she'll pay you 10 Gummies per clothlet.

Inside each store, approach the register and click trade to begin a transaction. If you like the prices and can stand to part with your goods, it can be pretty helpful to make some Gummies on the side.

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