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Ooblets Bunglebee Buns: Where to find Bunglebee buns and how else to increase your energy

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Caring for Ooblets is rewarding, but it's pretty tiring too. To maintain your high spirits, you'll need to manage your energy well, or else you'll be ready for a nap before it's even lunch time. In this guide we'll show you where to find bunglebee buns, an early source for a good energy boost. That's not the only way to increase the amount of energy you have, though, so read on to find out how else to skip naptime. 

Where to find Bunglebee Buns in Ooblets

(Image credit: Glumberland)

Bunglebee buns are a favorite treat in the vegan paradise known as Badgetown, giving players a great boost of 40 energy just when they may really need it. There's no recipe for them right now - maybe one is coming later as the game moves through early access - but that's not to say they're rare either. If you're willing to pay 40 gummies for each bun, head into the town center to find Polt, the town's exclusive bunglebee buns vendor. 

There will soon be better ways to improve your energy in Ooblets, but for early players, this can be a great means of extending the hours of work you can commit to in a single day.

Recipes to increase your energy

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The recipe element of Ooblets appears to be in-progress here in the early access period of Ooblets, but there are already several food items you can cook yourself at home to keep your energy high for more gardening. The best one we've found so far is Zinooka Cake, which gives you a whopping 150 energy per cake. Others give you upwards of 70 or even 100 energy as well, making it easy to stay upright til bedtime. Here are a few great recipes and what they require:

  • Zinooka Cake (150 energy): 3 zinooka, 3 flooti sauce, 3 quib, 3 froobtose, 3 muz flour
  • Go Go Cupcake (100 energy): 1 muz flour, 1 spressy, 3 flooti sauce
  • Blue Goo Pie (90 energy): 1 floobtose, 3 zinooka, 1 muz flour
  • Mamoonia Macaroon (80 energy): 1 pompadoot juice, 3 sparkflower, 1 muz flour
  • Lurge Latty (70 energy): 2 ground springbeans, 1 pompadoot juice

Don't forget you can also increase your total daily energy level in the Wishie Well rewards menu. For 300 wishies, you can unlock a permanent 30% increase to your daily energy. There are a few upgrades which cost 300 wishies, but this is arguably the best of them all. Get it early and reap the benefits forever. 

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