How to get Clothlets in Ooblets

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Badgetown is home to dancing neighbors, quaint shops, and of course the titular creatures from Ooblets. If you want to properly plant your flag in town, you'll have to learn the way around the game's crafting and gardening systems to ensure you always have what you need to fulfill requests and keep the gummies flowing into your account. It pays to know how to get Clothlets in Ooblets, one of the game's most in-demand resources. This guide will show you exactly where to find them, or how to grow some yourself when you have no other options.

How to get Clothlets in Ooblets

Like most problems waiting to be solved in Ooblets, there's more than one right answer when it comes to acquiring Clothlets. Here are all the ways we've found so far: 

1. Grow Clothlets yourself

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Clothlet seeds can be commonly found under rocks in your garden. They usually spring up four at a time too, which makes for a great boost to your early days as a green thumbed badgetownie. Re-planting these seeds will take you three days to blossom without the use of Speedy Gro fertilizer so be sure to water them each day and keep them on schedule.

You can also directly buy clothlet seeds at Meed's Seeds, the first store in town when you exit your farmland. Take note that clothlet seeds fetch a pretty hefty 30 gummies per seed, though, so this isn't the most economical way to grow your clothlet empire.

2. Buy Clothlets directly

If you're feeling antsy and don't want to wait for the homegrown Clothlets to bloom, you can buy ready-made Clothlets directly at the Wishie Well, which is in the center of town nearby the docks or also found in your character menu. There you'll be able to buy Clothlets for 10 wishies per unit, which still seems pretty steep for something you can get for free by looking under a rock and waiting a few days of gardening. But Oooblets lets you choose how you spend your time, so this may be your preferred method. 

3. Find Clothlets growing around town

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The cheapest, least labor-intensive, though perhaps least reliable, way of finding Clothlets is to simply explore Badgetown. Just as you may find shells, mushrooms, and other plants growing naturally, sometimes you'll come upon fully grown Clothlets. Take note of what they look like so if you see one, you'll be sure to make the quick detour and grab it.

With so many ways to find Clothlets and a bit of diligence, you shouldn't have to worry about running low on Clothlets, even as so many projects call for them. Good luck, gardeners!

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