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Ooblets Wildlands update is now live, adding a new area, quests and more

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Ooblets' Wildlands update is now live, adding a brand-new unlockable area to the game, more quests, new locations and some quality-of-life upgrades.

Ooblets is a farming sim mixed with Pokémon-style collection and battles. You can grow plants which eventually mature into adorable Ooblets, which you can then use to "fight" others with. Instead of actually fighting though, these Ooblet fights are more accurately described as "dance battles", which is rather wholesome.

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With this new patch, the charming indie farming sim is now at version 0.6 and has added its first new location called the Wildlands. The new area can be accessed by completing redevelopment quests, which is a system that tasks you with rehoming specific types of Ooblets to the Wildlands in order to revitalize the area. Doing so will help you unlock even more new areas within the Wildlands, like the Spicyspear Scrub, Droneydrip Pond, and Nurnycrop Crag. Also added in the update are some new recipes, bug fixes and a fancy Oobcoop to unlock.

The adorable indie farming sim released in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and on Xbox consoles in June 2020. Even though the game is in Early Access, there's still plenty to sink your teeth into. Ooblets Wildlands is bringing the game ever closer to a full 1.0 version release, which we know is slated for later this year thanks to an updated roadmap of content

Along with the new area, you can also try your hand at rehoming Ooblets to earn some prizes. More resources have been added to the game as well, along with some brand new blueprints and recipes to unlock. Basically, there's a ton of new stuff to do and cuteness to be had, so if you haven't gotten into Ooblets, now is the time.

Before you jump into the world of adorable dance battles, read some Ooblets tips. 

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