Ooblets will release in early access on Xbox One and Epic Games Store this month

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Ooblets, the creature collector that's sure to add some extra cuteness into your life, will finally enter early access on both Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on July 15. Head here (opens in new tab) to watch the adorable release date reveal trailer. 

Ooblets will be on Xbox One's Game Preview and Early Access on the Epic Games Store for $24.99. If you buy Ooblets during the first week, however, you'll get it for 20% off (that's roughly $5). 

Ooblets is a farming, creature collecting, and town life game where you can make friends with townsfolk, grow ooblets (those adorable creatures), build up a farm, and participate in dance-offs. It's Animal Crossing meets Pokemon meets Stardew Valley, and it's everything the world needs right now.

As our very own Sam Loveridge wrote just last week, Ooblets will be so much more than what you're expecting (opens in new tab), and the developers are aware of that. "It'll be helpful if people are familiar with the concepts of farming and town life stuff, but from what we've seen, everyone has wildly different expectations and imaginations about what Ooblets will be. Hopefully we can provide something people will like that will also have some surprise to it," explained developers Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser.

With Ooblets, you'll start off by creating your character from a host of customization options, then grow and sell crops, level up your ooblets to unlock new dance moves, and decorate your very own house. You can befriend the townsfolk (if you're feeling friendly), complete daily challenges to earn badges, and help the Mayor of your town save it from "questionable forces." If that hasn't piqued your interest, nothing will.

We've been waiting for this day for quite some time - we consider Ooblets one of our Big in 2020 games (opens in new tab)

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