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Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase June 2022 Live Coverage - All the news as it happens

Join us as we cover the Xbox Games Showcase live

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022
(Image: © Microsoft)

That was quite the slew of announcements and updates from the Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase, with Starfield closing out the show with a lengthy look at many of its features, including the story, customization features, planet exploration, and more. 

Here are the biggest news stories from the showcase:

This is just one of the events taking place as part of the E3 2022 schedule, so stay tuned for more reveals, news, and more from E3 2022.


Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Xbox)

With the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase just a few hours away, let's take a look at the slew of upcoming Xbox Series X games that are confirmed to be in development that may well feature in today's showcase. 

Aside from confirming it'll run for approximately 95 minutes, Xbox has been quiet on what exactly it will feature. 

In an official Xbox Wire blog post, it stated the showcase would be "featuring the latest on games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and our partners from around the world."

"The show will include everything you want to know about the gaming lineup coming to Xbox and PC, including upcoming releases on Xbox Game Pass, and more."

Here are our own Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 predictions



(Image credit: Bethesda)

If Starfield doesn't make a showing at the Xbox and Bethesda event, we'd be incredibly surprised. Initially pegged to launch in November before its delay into 2023, it feels prime for a gameplay reveal later today. 

After all, since that debut reveal trailer at E3 2021, which featured alpha in-game footage of a Constellation employee making their way through some sort of space base, before boarding a ship called Frontier NG 1350, we've only had three episodes of the Into the Starfield video series. These have shown off one of the companions, more concept art, and further details about the game, but as of yet, we've not actually seen any gameplay. 

Hopefully, a large chunk of today's showcase will be dedicated to letting us know exactly what we'll be doing in Bethesda Game Studios first new IP in 25 years. Thankfully, Todd Howard recently said that Bethesda is "putting the finishing touches on Starfield", so it definitely feels like the perfect time for a fresh look.



(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The same goes for Redfall, the open-world co-op FPS from Arkane – aka the teams responsible for Prey and Dishonored. It'll see you play as a group of survivors trying to escape the titular town of Redfall, in Massachusetts, which has been locked down by vampires who have blocked out the sun and cut the island off completely.

Again, a cinematic trailer for the game was revealed at last year's E3 with an initial 'Summer 2022' release window, which has since moved into the first half of 2023. That didn't come as too much of a surprise though, as we've literally seen nothing of the game since. Today may well be the time to change that. 



(Image credit: Obsidian)

It's been two years since we first got a glimpse of Avowed – the brand new first-person RPG from Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds developer, Obsidian. Since then, both Microsoft and Obsidian have been radio silent on the title, leaving us with no more than that original teaser trailer in the two years since E3 2020. 

What we do know is that it's a fantasy RPG set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity, and combat will include rune-based magic powers and swordplay. Job listings posted back in 2019 initially talked about the title having branching narrative too. Whether we see anything of the intriguing game today is a bit of a mystery. 


Perfect Dark

(Image credit: The Initiative)

Joanna Dark is making a comeback, with Perfect Dark getting a reboot from the teams at The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics. Originally announced at The Game Awards back in December 2020, it's another Xbox title that has remained elusive. You'll no doubt be sensing a theme here…

It's set to be an FPS that really leans into the super-spy fantasy, although developer The Initiative has said it wants to keep it feeling fast-moving with an emphasis on physicality. The teaser trailer showed off a world wrought by ecological disasters, a sci-fi futuristic aesthetic, and camera shots that look like they came from an in-game drone. We're all desperate to see more!


We're just an hour and a half away from things kicking off! Set your alarms folks!


Slime Rancher 2

(Image credit: Monomi Park)

Still set to launch in 2022, developer Monomi Park has been slowly drip-feeding new screenshots and tidbits about the game on its social media platforms about Slime Rancher 2, but we're still only rocking the trailer from last E3 2021. 

Slime Rancher 2 is a hotly-anticipated sequel that takes our hero Beatrix LeBeau to a new locale known as Rainbow Island. It's still brimming with slimes, as you'd hope, including a handful of new species that you won't have seen before. LeBeau will be taking residence in a new home too, a glorious conservatory that'll let her appreciate the colors of this land through its glass dome. Hopefully we'll get a little release date love today. 


Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 screenshot

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is one of those games where we're a little in the dark about exactly how far away its release date could be. Although it was originally announced back at the Game Awards in 2019, as of June 2021 it was revealed that Hellblade 2 had yet to enter "full production" – and that was according to a teaser reel from developer Ninja Theory itself.

We've had a few trailers that show off the progress Ninja Theory is making with Unreal Engine 5, but no confirmation of a release window for Senua's next adventure, or really what the story will be. We're definitely due an update on Hellblade 2.



(Image credit: Rare)

As for Everwild, the brand new IP from Rare, what's happening here is anyone's guess. Not only have we not seen the game since 2019, rumor has it that the game has since been completely rebooted with a new creative director at the helm. 

From the trailer that was originally debuted though, it's a game that will explore our connection to the natural world through characters known as Eternals. From what we've seen so far, combined with dev comments, it looks to be an emergent MMO similar to other Rare title, Sea of Thieves. But, with the rumors of a reboot and lack of any additional updates it could very well be a different game to what we originally saw.



(Image credit: Microsoft)

Contraband is a new open-world, co-op heist game from Avalanche Studios and another evasive upcoming Xbox title. It made its debut at E3 last year with an alluring teaser trailer, which was stylish but detail-light. 

What we do know is that it's set in the fictional locale of Bayan during the 1970s. From the CG teaser trailer, we got a look at the crew's next heist – the Sun River Job – which seems to involve nabbing a safe from a private storage facility and then getting it across the border. Avalanche Studios is calling this its "most ambitious and spectacular game to date" so we can't wait to see more of this one.


The Xbox Games Showcase will start in just one hour!


A screenshot from the Fable teaser trailer

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Ah, Fable. I've lost count of how many times I've watched the teaser trailer for this hoping to see something I've not seen before, so I definitely need some more details. We've not seen anything beyond that trailer since its debut in 2020, but it's a "completely fresh start" for the series. In the works with Forza Horizon developer, Playground Games, it's still an RPG but it will be something new rather than Fable 4 in the truest sense.

Phil Spencer mentioned the game right at the end of last year's E3 showcase, but only to confirm that it's still in development. Maybe it's this year is its time to shine.


Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

The eighth entry in the Forza Motorsport series, currently in development at Turn 10 Studios, will simply be called Forza Motorsport, rather than Forza 8. By skipping its usual two-year release cycle, Turn 10 has taken time to overhaul its ForzaTech engine to create what will hopefully be a truly next-gen experience. 

In a development update at the end of last year, Turn 10 revealed it would have more to reveal in 2022, so it feels prime for a full reveal at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase later today.


The Outer Worlds

(Image credit: Obsidian)

Revealed last year, developer Obsidian Entertainment is working on a sequel to its 2019 release. The Outer Worlds 2 will give us a new crew to get to know as they traverse an entirely new star system. But, apart from that we don't really know much about it! The teaser trailer, whilst brilliant, merely poked fun at video game trailers and the various cliches, but didn't give much away about the game itself. In fact, it almost boasted that "the developers haven't finished the [main character's] design. Or finished the story. Or finished any gameplay that's actually ready to show. In fact, the only thing they have finished is the title." 

Of course, a lot can happen in a year so may be a contender for a little update today. 


State of Decay 3

(Image credit: Xbox)

Another title that may get a little showcase is State of Decay 3, although it's not likely. The upcoming zombie survival game from developer Undead Labs was initially announced at E3 2020, but since then reports have suggested that the studio is trying to work through a toxic culture and the game is subsequently stuck in pre-production. So we may well not see anything of this one for quite some time.


Just 30 minutes to go until the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Have you chosen your snacks?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl

(Image credit: GSC Game World)

Although initially set to launch back in April, Ukrainian developer GSC Game World has, quite understandably, needed to push the release date back to December 8, 2022. The studio had to temporarily pause development because of the invasion, but has since confirmed it has been able to resume active production. With the December release date still on track, we should definitely see some S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl today.


Indiana Jones Bethesda game

(Image credit: Bethesda)

There are other Xbox games confirmed but feel far too early in development for any kind of major showcase yet. Those include Elder Scrolls 6 from Bethesda Game Studios and the Indiana Jones game from MachineGames. 

Bethesda has always said that Elder Scrolls 6 would become its priority after Starfield, so with the latter not arriving until the first half of next year, the next Elder Scrolls feels a long way off. 

As for the Indiana Jones game, it was only announced last year and MachineGames made it clear that it was in "very, very, very" early stages. So again, feels like one title that definitely won't be whipping in front of the camera today. 


That's your 15-minute warning, so get settled!


Halo Infinite

(Image credit: Microsoft/343 Industries)

Of course, there will also no doubt be updates for Xbox titles that are already out. 

Halo Infinite feels like a prime contender, as we're just six months on from launch. We're currently in season 2 of the game's free-to-play multiplayer component, with co-op campaign support entering testing later this summer. Rumor has it that a Halo battle royale experience is in the works at Certain Affinity, and that 343 Industries is working on the first campaign expansion – Halo: The Endless.   

As for Forza Horizon 5, a Hotwheels DLC has been leaked, so that could appear later today too. 


Hollow Knight: Silksong

(Image credit: Team Cherry)

As for the rumors, there are a few floating around. Both Hollow Knight: Silksong and Kojima's rumored new horror game – supposedly called Overdose – were tipped to drop during Keighley's Summer Game Fest showcase on Thursday, but then didn't.

The latest rumor is that Hollow Knight: Silksong will be at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and drop straight onto Game Pass when it does arrive.

As for Overdose, it feels natural to assume that if it didn't appear at Summer Game Fest, it would appear here. However, there have been no further updated rumors on that front, beyond what was tipped for Summer Game Fest. 

Diablo 4

(Image credit: Blizzard)

There are also fresh rumors that Diablo 4 could make an appearance, following a well-timed update to the official website which announced Xbox Series X as a platform and that a beta is on the way. That might not be all from Activision Blizzard either: Overwatch 2 is also allegedly in the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase, which would be another nice way of teasing out Activision and Microsoft's historic partnership ahead of the high-profile acquisition that's underway. 

A new rumor also suggests that something to do with Banjo-Kazooie is happening today, which could be a complete revival of the series. And there are also whispers of a Minecraft strategy game spin-off is reportedly in development at the studio behind Minecraft Dungeons, and movement around the long MIA Goldeneye 007 remaster. We'll find out for certain soon enough.


And we're off! The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is starting now on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

And Redfall is up first, with some pre-beta gameplay of the Arkhane Austin title. 

From the looks of the gameplay it's got real vampire BioShock vibes, with some sorta powers being used alongisde the more traditional weapons. 

It sounds like the island of Redfall is a mix of vampires, cultists, and survivors.

Each of the characters has their own unique abilities, ranging from teleportation to an adorable little mech.

Redfall at the Xbox Games Showcase

(Image credit: Arkane Austin)

Redfall at the Xbox Games Showcase

(Image credit: Arkane Austin)

Redfall at the Xbox Games Showcase

(Image credit: Arkane Austin)

You'll be to slay alone or in co-op.

No updated release date, but still locked in for a loose 2023. It will of course, launch on Game Pass.

It's finally happening! We're getting more news about Hollow Knight: Silksong - the hotly anticipated sequel to the critically-acclaimed indie title. 

From new boss fights to abilities you'll be able to use, there was plenty to enjoy in the trailer. 

Apart from a release date.

You will be able to get it on Game Pass Day One though.

High on Life

(Image credit: Squanch Games)

Next up is a new game from the creators of Rick and Morty - and it's got a whole range of chatty weaponry to enjoy. 

In development at Squanch games, it'll have you attacking enemy - including stabbing the brains out fo their heads. 

It's launching October 2022, and it will be coming to Game Pass. 

Sarah Bond is taking the stage now, with confirmation that everything featured in today's show is coming out in the next 12 months. 

Now we've got Marc Merrill from Riot Games to announce that the publisher is bringing its biggest PC and mobile titles to Game Pass. 

That includes League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Valorant, with all characters unlocked. Same for Team Fight Tactics. 

It's not clear whether that's PC Game Pass exclusively though.

Ah for PC and mobile - not consoles. 

Plague Tale: Requiem is up next, just a few days after its showing at the Tribeca Showcase. 

Our own Alyssa recently got a Plague Tale: Requiem hands-on preview so you can read more about what you'll be doing in the game there. 

It'll drop in 2022, although no more specific window was given. It will also be on Game Pass day one too. 

A Plague Tale: Requiem

(Image credit: Focus Entertainment)

Here comes the simply titled Forza Motorsport, with all in-game 4K footage.

It's dropping on PC, Xbox consoles, and Cloud Gaming in Spring 2023.

Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 says it's the most ambitious the team has ever made.

Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

Turn 10 are really going into depth now with what you'll be able to experience in the game. With full dynamic time of day realisation, stunning water effects, and customizable weather options. 

Physic-based lights are also being added, and ambient temperatures will affect grip and other elements of the drive. 

Tyre and fuel management, more in-depth car building, advanced materials and shaders, ray tracing, engine bays with complex reflections, improved car damage with directionality and even more detail. Turn 10 says these are all features that fans have been requesting. 

Ray tracing certainly adds insane realism to the gameplay here too. 

Forza Motorsport

(Image credit: Turn 10 Studios)

Xbox's longest running series is up next... Flight Simulator. It's getting a whole host of new planes, helicopters, and gliders for its 40th anniversary in November.

Flight Simulator

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Halo Infinite Pelican is also coming to the game today as a free update!

Overwatch 2, which will be free-to-play, has got an Early Access release date of October 4 with Junker Queen joining the roster. 

Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Another Xbox Game Studios title now, and it's some kind of strategy game that let's you rewrite history by the sounds of it. 

"History is filled with moments of greatness, but this will be yours."

It's called Ara: History Untold - Game Pass day one. 

Pete Hines up next to highlight what he's calling Xbox's "biggest year ever".

Elder Scrolls: Online - High Isle got another trailer too, which is out now on PC and consoles on June 21. 

Fallout 76 is getting new content with The Pitt which drops in September 2022

Fallout 76 - The Pitt

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Forza Horizon 5 is getting the rumored Hot Wheels DLC and it looks brilliantly zany. 

Forza Horizon 5

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Forza Horizon 5

(Image credit: Microsoft)

It's dropping July 19. 

CGI Vin Diesel is back on our screens with a new trailer for Ark 2 - which just got delayed into 2023. 

It will drop on Game Pass day one. 

Ark 2

(Image credit: Wild Card Studios)

There's a new trailer for Scorn and an October 21, 2022 release date. 

Flintlock from Kepler and A44 is getting a lovely long gameplay trailer featuring lots of melee combat with a rather lethal hatchet. She's also got some magic powers going on there and some badass weaponry. 

Flintlock: The Siege of the Dawn

(Image credit: Kepler)

It's dropping early 2023 with Game Pass too. 

And what is that adorable fox / dog thing!?!?

Blocktastic world premiere time with a new game from the creators of Minecraft. 

With pigs bursting through portals to break up the peace in a beautiful flower-filled world. Little fairies are seen zooming over the land, with multiple realms coming together for what is being called a "united overworld".

Minecraft Legends is a new 'action strategy' title coming in 2023. 

Minecraft Legends

(Image credit: Mojang)

A farming game with mechs now, this is Lightyear Frontier. 

There's a mystery amongst the cute farming though and it's dropping in Spring 2023. 

Lightyear Frontier

(Image credit: Framebreak)

Cats with guns? Gunfire Reborn is coming this October, and also to Game Pass.

There's a new title from Rogue and Plot Twist now, which is a spooky-looking side-scrolling platformer where you're seemingly trying to solve your father's murder.

The spirits are talking to you, and you seem to have some otherworldly powers of your own. 

It's called The Last Case of Benedict Fox and it's coming Spring 2023.

The Last Right of Benedict Lake

(Image credit: Plot Twist)

There's an update on As Dusk Falls now, which is the first original game from INTERIOR/NIGHT.

It's an interactive TV show powered by video game. According to the developer, if you play with a loved one, you're going to learn something about them. 

The trailer looks full of drama, with an interesting art style that looks like someone's drawn over photographs. 

"Ever family has secrets", it teases. 

You can experience it solo or with up to 8 people in multiplayer. It's dropping July 19 on consoles and PC, and also on Game Pass.

As Dusk Falls

(Image credit: INTERIOR/NIGHT)

Naraka: Bladepoint is coming to Xbox consoles and PC as well as Game Pass

A world premiere for a seemingly hand-drawn title now, set in the Medieval times? It's from Obsidian Entertainment and it's called Pentiment. It's dropping in November 2022 for Xbox consoles and PC and Game Pass.


(Image credit: Obsidian)

Grounded is coming out of early access with a full 1.0 release and full narrative in September 2022. 

This one is a Baby Robot and Raw Fury title that's an Xbox console launch exclusive. 

You play as a woman who can turn into smoke to move around unseen, and attack the robots that have taken over the city it seems.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is its name and it is dropping in 2023.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

(Image credit: Raw Fury)

You play as a necromancer, a Priest of Rasma, in this horror-esque title. You'll be able to command the dead to take down the creatures that wander in this game. 

Oh, it's Diablo 4! That's quite a surprise to me at least!

Necromancer is the new class for the game. It's the fifth and final class for the game.

The demon Lilith has return and is fighting to reclaim the world as her own. It's the culmination of 25 years of the series. 

This is the first time we're seeing Xbox Series X gameplay for the title. It'll meld monster slaying with loot collecting in an open-world. 

Diablo 4

(Image credit: Blizzard)

The developers say it's everything you love about Diablo but expanded, and more in depth. There's no linear path you have to follow, and player choice is at the core of what they've created. 

Every dungeon you clear out becomes something new - a new village or different dungeon. It means that you'll have a real impact on how the world comes together. 

You'll be able to join up with your friends to take on world bosses, which will need plenty of you to come together and defeat. 

It's a shared world with full crossplay, and couch co-op too. There are specific zones for PvP too. If you're too good, the game will mark you as a target too. 

Once you've finished the story, you'll unlock the end game where there are new dungeons, new items, new paragon boards, and more. 

2023 is the launch window for that one.

Sea of Thieves is getting a load of new features including the ability to save ship loadouts, customise you cabin, and the option to name your ship. It's season 7 dropping July 21. 

From developer Cococumber, the creators of Echo Generation, is a new game with magic, creatures, cacti and giant cats. It's called Ravenlok and it's coming in 2023. 

Oh hello new game from the creator of Inside and Limbo. 

Emerging from some kind of seed pod, it looks like you play as a bug with wings. Various environmental puzzles were shown off, from dropping balls into holes as you flip over them to dragging giant boxes around. 

It's called Coccoon and it's dropping in 2023. 


(Image credit: Geometric Interactive)


(Image credit: Geometric Interactive)


(Image credit: Geometric Interactive)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is coming to Game Pass day one from Team Ninja. 

Wo Long

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royal are all coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass. 3 Portable and 4 Golden are coming in 2023, but 5 Royal won't drop until 2022.

Oh holy heck, Kojima is actually here to introduce his brand new game. 

He is teaming up with Xbox Game Studios and says his new game may take some time, and he hopes to share more on the game soon.


(Image credit: Kojima)

No name, details, or anything else though so we'll have to wait for more on that one.

We've got 15 minutes left of the show and it's going to be taken up with an extended look at Starfield! At long, long last.

Todd Howard is finally taking the stage to show off Starfield. "Easily our most ambitious game", he says. 

You'll be able to go where you want and do what you want. 

This slice is taking from early in the game on May 7, 2330 on the moon known as Kreet. 


(Image credit: Bethesda)