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New trailer for Get Low dramedy

It’s not often you get to see Bill Murray and Robert Duvall trading barbs on the big screen.

So Get Low should be high on your list of films to catch in the year of 2010 – especially after the release of the film’s first, impressive trailer.

Duvall plays Felix Bush, a backwoods recluse who is reputed as a bit of a vagabond. Bush decides that he wants to throw his own funeral – while he’s still alive and can enjoy it.

So he goes to see Murray’s funeral director Frank Quinn, who spies a lot of cash in the idea and agrees to help plan the event.

But as characters from Bush’s past prepare to come to the ‘living funeral’, including Sissy Spacek’s widow Maddie Darrow, Bush decides to use the event to explain why he’s been hiding out in the woods all this time...

Buzz from America has been positive (various critics citing it as “undeniably smart, heart-wrenching piece”), and the trailer certainly has us all kinds of excited.

The flick hits American screens on 30 July, but no UK release date has been cemented just yet. Watch the trailer below...

Think you can get down with Get Low ?

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