New Thor: Love and Thunder leak seemingly reveals Jane Foster’s Thor origins

Thor Love and Thunder Jane Foster
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Thor: Love and Thunder is getting a new Goddess of Thunder – and a leaked video from the set of the Marvel Phase 4 production might have just revealed how Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster claims Mjolnir as her own.

While we should take all leaks with a grain of salt, it appears a couple of images (and accompanying footage) from the set show off a tribute to Odin, complete with shards of Mjolnir (H/T

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In the leaked video, the returning Jane Foster approaches the shrine and begins to react violently, her body convulsing in the air.

The moment in the video bears a striking similarity to Jason Aaron’s legendary Thor comic run – which Love and Thunder will be borrowing heavily from. Everything from Christian Bale’s God Butcher villain to space sharks are present here as well as in the pages and panels of the comics.

In the comics, Jane approaches Mjojnir after Thor Odinson is deemed unworthy and the legendary Asgardian weapon ‘reacts’ to her presence. Ultimately she ends up in possession of the hammer and fighting a whole host of iconic Marvel villains – all while battling cancer.

It remains to be seen if the path the MCU’s Jane Foster walks down will be similar or branch off in surprising ways. Though this certainly clues us in to one of the movie’s biggest mysteries – and why there’s another Thor in Midgard.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming in Australia. Recently, Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth have been spotted on set reprising their role as Fake Loki and Fake Thor respectively. Melissa McCarthy is seemingly joining them in an encore of their Asgardian stage production as "Hela."

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