Thor: Love and Thunder set photos reveal a very surprising A-list cameo

Thor Love and Thunder
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In case you needed more proof that Thor: Love and Thunder is basically going to be Ragnarok 2, new set photos have seemingly confirmed that the Marvel Phase 4 movie will include a sequel to one of Ragnarok’s most beloved scenes.

Both Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth, brother of Chris, have been spotted on set in Australia (via The Daily Mail) – with the pair dressed in their ‘fake’ Loki and Thor costumes respectively. It appears they are set to reprise their role from Ragnarok’s Asgardian stage show retelling key events from the God of Thunder’s life. 

To add to the pageantry, there are a handful of extras in Asgardian garb, plus a horse. Naturally. Oh, and a major A-list celebrity whose cameo we will mention much lower down...

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Matt Damon had previously been linked to an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, and while it's unclear whether Sam Neill’s Odin will be back, we have confirmation of another major actor joining the play-within-a-movie.

Spoiler warning! Don't read on unless you want to know who else is appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder...


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Still here? Well, the Daily Mail has confirmed that Mellisa McCarthy will be playing Fake Hela in Thor: Love and Thunder. Hela was previously played by Cate Blanchett, and McCarthy – best known for her roles in Bridesmaids and Spy – will no doubt bring even more laughs to the Asgardian production. 

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Fake Thor and Fake Loki aren’t the only characters from Thor movie past making a comeback. Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is returning, as is Thor’s former flame, Jane Foster – this time as her own version of Thor. Elsewhere, Taika Waititi will rock out as part-time revolutionist, full-time Fortnite trash talker, Korg.

Thor: Love and Thunder has been filming for some time now – and has already tipped its hand when it comes to some surprise crossover appearances. A pair of Guardians of the Galaxy actors have seemingly already filmed their scenes and have departed the Land Down Under. That’s pretty neat, but nothing will beat Matt Damon’s flowing Loki locks.

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