New Avengers image online

The Avengers hype-machine continues to work itself into overdrive, with a new image of the Hulk cropping up online this morning.

Well, we say new, because it actually looks as though it was taken from the film’s recent Super Bowl trailer. Still, it’s the clearest look we’ve had of Bruce Banner’s alter-ego so far, so we thought it was worth sharing with you.

He certainly looks imposing, doesn’t he? It has been pointed out that in the trailer, Hulk looks only a little taller than his Avengers team-mates. Hopefully, this means Joss Whedon has decided to include the detail that Hulk grows bigger the angrier he gets.

Seeing the Hulk turn super-sized when he really gets mad would be the icing on an already awesome-looking cake. Much of the promotional material seems to be building Hulk up as the Avengers’ difference-maker (“We have a Hulk”), so don’t be surprised to see him steal the show come the movie’s climax.

The Avengers opens in the UK on 27 April 2012. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re kind of excited about it…

George Wales

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