Neil Gaiman says The Sandman season 2 is "astonishing", and gives an update on Good Omens season 3

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Neil Gaiman has shared some positive updates on The Sandman season 2 and Good Omens season 3.

Speaking to Deadline about the state of the industry amid cost-cutting, the writer opened up about how he feels the gold rush of TV funding is dwindling. However, he added: "That being said, you know, Dead Boy Detectives comes out in 10 days. I’ve seen half of Sandman season 2, and it’s astonishing. I’m writing Good Omens season 3, and we start shooting that in January. So I’m making stuff."

Both updates are pretty exciting. First of all, the fact that half of The Sandman season 2 is seemingly near finished means we may not be waiting too long for that one. They started filming it back in November 2023, and released a first-look image at the time. 

Good Omens season 3 has had fewer updates, but Gaiman did previously tell SFX that he had it mapped out. While we don’t have any news on release dates yet, if that starts filming in early 2025, we might see it as early as next year. 

Recently, The Sandman star Kirby, who plays Death in the series gave GamesRadar+ some exclusive insight into the character, comparing them to her character in the new detective drama Sugar. "I was thinking of who I would liken Ruby to in terms of other characters that I've played," she said. "I didn't think of Death, but perhaps it's this idea of someone that holds great authority but also great sensitivity."

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