Ms. Marvel gets late 2022 release window following The Marvels delay

Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1 variant cover
(Image credit: Natacha Bustos (Marvel Comics))

Marvel has revealed a late 2022 release window for the upcoming Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel.

Reports previously surfaced that Ms. Marvel has been delayed until September 2022, and now Disney has provided a more specific window for when the show will arrive. During Disney's Q4 2021 earnings call (via IGN), CEO Bob Chapek said Ms. Marvel is among a slate of titles due out in Q4 2022. That puts Ms. Marvel's release date somewhere between the beginning of October and the end of the year. 

The show was first thought to arrive in 2021, the Iman Vellani-starring superhero series having previously been given a "late 2021" release window by Marvel.

We previously caught a glimpse of Ms. Marvel during 2020’s Disney Investor Day, and many thought the positioning of Hawkeye as a November 2021 release (and with a Holiday-themed setting) meant Kamala Khan’s had been bumped to early 2021. Unfortunately, we'll be waiting a lot longer than that.

The show's move further into 2022 comes after the Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels, which features Ms. Marvel in a supporting role (that’s a lot of Marvels), moved back to February 2023 from its original November 2022 slot. No doubt Marvel wants to keep the two close together.

The upcoming Disney Plus Day on November 12 could clue us in more to the future plans of Ms. Marvel on the streamer. We’ve been promised a special look at Marvel, as well as an update on all things a galaxy far, far away in the Star Wars franchise.

The outlook for Marvel Phase 4 is slightly less clear now. Next up is Hawkeye on November 24. Spider-Man: No Way Home sees out the year on December 17. Then, a gap of five months until Doctor Strange, and no announced new Marvel TV shows to plug the gap. Hopefully, we get word of something coming soon...

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