Modern Warfare Trench Easter egg: How to enter the bunker and find the minigun wielding teddy bear

Modern Warfare Trench bunker teddy bear Easter egg
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Introduced with the Season 4 update was the Modern Warfare Trench Easter egg; a short puzzle to solve on one of the brand new maps that reveals a bunker complete with a minigun wielding teddy bear. It's the first time we've seen something like this on a Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer map, especially since it's interactable, and we've got the details on how to solve it. Here's the complete guide to the Modern Warfare Trench bunker Easter egg with the massive teddy bear. Scary stuff.

How to do the Modern Warfare Trench Easter egg and open the bunker doors

Modern Warfare Trench bunker teddy bear Easter egg

(Image credit: Activision)

This can be done in either a private custom match or a public match if Trench comes up. In order to open the bunker doors first with the keypad, you need to find the correct code.

  1. The first number can be found to the right-hand side of the bunker door, when you're facing away from it. Take the right-most path, hop over the stone blocks, and it's engraved near your feet on the left-hand side.
  2. For the second number, go back to the bunker door and right before the left-most path, you can find it engraved to the left of the grey barrel.
  3. The third number is all the way at the opposite side of the map, in the enemy side spawn. Look inside the open brown crate to see it in the bottom.
  4. Turn around and go to the right-most path (the same path number two is at the end of), but hop onto the island in the middle of the trenches. This number is on the side of the concrete block with the metal frame sticking out of the top.
  5. Finally, number five is slap bang in the middle of the map. Find the wooden bridge, go under it, and look up. It's on the underside.

Now with all five numbers, go to the keypad and enter them in order by simply shooting the respective number on the keypad. This will present you with ACCESS GRANTED and the doors will open. Step one complete.

Once you're inside, look for the red telephone on the middle desk. It'll have five numbers displayed on it; go back to the keypad and now shoot these numbers in order. When you see ACCESS GRANTED again, you'll know you've done it correctly.

Go back inside and the phone will be ringing. Answer it and voila! The door at the back will start sliding open, revealing an enormous, deadly teddy bear who will kill you very quickly if you're not careful. Unfortunately, even with a Riot Shield, you can't get inside the room it's in. A cool Easter egg nonetheless, and you could probably set up a cheeky trap for an enemy if done quickly.

If any of the above steps have you confused, make sure you check out this video guide from Chaos which showcases all the number locations.

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