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"Weakling human scum! We are the Cybermen! A mighty race of metal warriors who purged ourselves of puny emotions countless millennia ago! Entire galaxies lie crushed beneath our merciless steel fist! What's that? It looks like I'm reduced to flogging dodgy t-shirts of our deadliest enemy like some chrome-plated market trader? Silence! We are the Cybermen! We are incapable of shame or embarrassment! So shut yer cakehole. Or I'll brain yer. Two for a tenner, John! Two for a tenner!"

Nick Setchfield
Editor-at-Large, SFX Magazine

Nick Setchfield is the Editor-at-Large for SFX Magazine, writing features, reviews, interviews, and more for the monthly issues. However, he is also a freelance journalist and author with Titan Books. His original novels are called The War in the Dark, and The Spider Dance. He's also written a book on James Bond called Mission Statements.